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Total supplier – from inventory to secured Headstones
Yster Construction AB offers a complete service from inspection and testing to the securing of Headstones. We have, so far, secured over 18.000 Headstones for the Swedish Church by whom we have been appointed to supply a safe and proven method for the securing of Headstones belonging to either private owners or the Church.

Securing Headsones with Grundtuben© is a proven and rapid method and under normal conditions we secure up to 20 Headstones per working day. Thanks to the large range of products within Grundtuben© no Headstone is too large and we are always able to devise a solution for the wide variety of Headstones on the market. We can supply all of our products and services throughout Scandinavia and we leave a 25-year Performance Guarantee.

Over 18.000 Headstones secured with Grundtuben© in Sweden
Yster Construction AB is the exclusive distributor of Grundtuben© in connection with the securing of Headstones. Grundtuben© has delivered patented expanding foundation technology since 1996 and their products meet Swedish and other international requirements for the securing of Headstones. Installation in the ground can easily be achieved without any digging or casting affecting the surrounding area. Grundtuben© is not affected by ground frost, thanks to the patented technology to expand the lower part to form a bulbous anchor.

Yster Construction – our products and services
• Inspection and testing of Headstones in accordance with laws and regulations using our own webbased application.
• Full documentation with fixed prices on securing Headstones
• We secure headstones up to 120cm using Grundtuben© 48mm diameter
• We secure headstones over 120cm using Grundtuben© 76mm diameter
• We leave a 25-year Performance Guarantee.

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Yster Construction offers a complete service from inspection and testing to the securing of Headstones.